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IT Infrastructure Specialists

Solving your Enterprise IT Infrastructure Issues

Reach specialises in Enterprise Storage, Data Protection, Middleware (DB) and Cloud & Automation advisory, consulting and implementation services with the best in class tools and deep expertise IT Vendors and large Enterprise Customers. We partner with our clients to understand their technical requirements, mapped to their business needs to achieve the best outcomes. 


Our Specialities

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Enterprise Storage

Structured and Unstructured Storage

Your most critical storage for your organisation's data.


1. Architecting & Design 


2. Implementation 


3. Complex Data Migration


4. Information Lifecycle Mgmt


Data Protection

1. Enterprise Backup

Ensuring your data remains safe and secure.


2Comprehensive DR Plans Create and implement disaster recovery plans to mitigate outage and data loss

3. BPO and CDP

Leverage Business Process Outsourcing and Continuous Data Protection for rapid disaster recovery.



1. Database Setup and Optimization: Assist with setup, optimization, and migration of your databases


2.Data Warehousing and Pipelines: Build high-performance data warehouses and pipelines to empower data analysis.


3. Data Visualization: Craft intuitive data visualization dashboards for clear insights into your business data.



Reach Private Limited

7 Temasek Boulevard, #12-07,

Suntec Tower 1,

Singapore 038987


PT Reach Technology Indonesia

Sahid Sudirman Center 11th Fl Suite A, Jl.

Jend Sudirman 86, Jakarta 10220, Indonesia



Reach Technology Japan K.K.

Umezaki Bldg 3F, 4-4-4 Hatchobori, Chuo-ku

Tokyo 104-0032, Japan.

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